Friday, August 27, 2010

Amazing Music


By far, this is one of the most beautiful soundtracks I have ever heard.  This soundtrack blows the soundtrack of Gladiator or 300 right out of the water.

The emotional depth coming from Adam Skorupa is simply astounding.  Even inside of the game, the music is still outstanding, and I believe whole heartedly that it is why the game was so astounding.  Each note seems to fall into just the right situation, dragging the player into an immersive world where choices make or break the game.

You don’t just play Geralt… you ARE Geralt, as emotionally wound into the story as you would be if you truly were there. 

The music is a journey, and it is one that I recommend EVERYONE listen to.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Returning from the Void

Talk about hectic lifestyles.  The last two months are… a blur.  I’m not quite sure how I managed to get everything done that I did, but somehow, it’s done.

On to other updates.

Yesterday, I had Windjammer come out to fix my internet, because the thing has been… odd lately.  Apparently, the line for broadband had over seven staples in it. SEVEN.  And the wiring below the floor was BAD juju. 

So they fixed it all.  And WHEW, does my internet speed!  I’m rather happy about that.  :)

I also got a new piece of clothing.  A corset.  And it’s beautiful.  And makes me feel sexy.

And damn… I have forgotten what else I was going to say.  Ah well.  I’m alive!