Friday, June 10, 2011

Panic and Stress

Ever had one of those moments where you just had to laugh hysterically?  It just bubbles up, boils out… and you know it’s retarded to laugh but you just. can’t. stop?

Yeah, I had one of those earlier this week when the doctor said I need an MRI for my brain.   Why?  For nothing less than the fact that I might have a clot or a tumor or something else structurally wrong. 

How did we come to this conclusion?  Migraines.  Repeated, painful, migraines. 

They’re weird ones too.  They start deep behind the left eye as a throb… and then they burst into these painful, sharp stabs that wrap around the back left side of my skull. 

It’s awful.  Light.  Sound… I can’t stand any of it when they hit.  And MOST of the pain is always on the left.  Sure, I get the occasional throb on the right… but 99% of it is on the left. 

I would not wish this pain on anyone.  It’s that bad.

Let’s face it… statistically, the chance of me having something wrong in my head is low.  But just the fact that he hesitated SO long before deciding to do it freaked me out.  And now I get to sit here, twiddling my thumbs while I wait for radiology to contact me with an appointment for my MRI.

Waiting.  I hate waiting.