Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hard at Work

So today I was busy putting one of my binders together.  All of my notes on herbalism, meditations, things of that nature.

And I realized… wow.  I have managed to build up a lot of that.  I don’t think a 1 inch binder is going to contain it all.  And it got me to wondering… when exactly did I really manage to store it all?

I’ve been collecting random fun stuff on my computer for a few years now, but it recently occurred to me that having it in a binder would be more beneficial, at least for when I am in my room and not near my computer.


Not to mention it is FAR more portable for when I go to a friend’s house.


It also made me realize just how far I have come.  It is true that my life is chaos right now, and yet my solid foundation of spirituality makes it… bearable. 

When the children drive me mad, I close my eyes, I breathe.  I remember that which I believe.  And then I am able to continue onwards, even if only for a little while.

That is a precious thing.  And it is that very precious nature that makes me begin to understand, just the tiniest bit, the mindset behind an evangelical fanatic.  If I truly believed that the only way someone could go to heaven and not some horrible hell when they die was to follow my faith… I too might become pushy, desperate, and rude.

It doesn’t mean I forgive them for those attitudes… I still think they should just learn to leave us all alone when we make it clear that they cannot change our minds.  But at least I am finally beginning to understand their so-called ‘logic’.

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