Friday, June 4, 2010

On the growing of children and loss of sanity

So, on the 3rd of June, 2010, at approximately 2030 (830 pm for you civvies) my daughter lost her very first tooth.  All on her own.  I was inordinately proud let me tell you.  She came running out, buck naked from her bath, and went “Mommy mommy I lost my tooth see!”

It was a wonderful moment.

Of course then it took 3 hours for her to go to sleep because she wanted to try to CATCH the tooth fairy.  Does anyone have any idea how hard it is for the tooth fairy to sneak into a bedroom and leave 2 dollars in quarters while that girl keeps waking up at the slightest sound!?  I was ducking, weaving, hiding behind mountains of toys in an effort to reach her bed.

Booby traps, I kid you not.

But, after thirty minutes of trying… I got those two dollars under her pillow.  And the joy this morning!  The glow in her eyes as she talked about how much money she got for being brave and taking her own tooth out!  It was totally worth it.

Still… that does little to assuage the anger and frustration I get at finding yet MORE of the mess she made earlier this week.  Let me recap!


1.)  Baby Powder… everywhere.

2.) Diaper Rash Ointment… everywhere.

3.) My stick of deodorant… cut up and EVERYWHERE.


How she did all this?  I am not quite sure.  But I do know that it’s getting ridiculous, and so help me, my head is going to go flying off intot he cosmos while I flop into the middle of my living room (albeit the trashed living room, thank you baby Tristan) and cry great big pathetic tears of horror.

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