Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Irritation Agitation Stipulation Wha?

As you all can probably imagine, the above was a little irritating. No, not painful. I'm serious. It really wasn't that painful. Except in two places, but over all, I was able to sleep through the whole thing. And that day, I felt GREAT. I was on an Endorphin high.

Enter the next day. Eh, a little stiff, but not bad. And it stayed that way for a few days.

But as of last night? As of April 13th 2010? I wanted to go mad. Talk about ITCHING. Good god! I'd catch myself reaching back, and sit on my hands. I went to bed, and found myself trying to rub against the pillows to relieve it.

And this morning? It's STILL THERE. GAH!

Moving on.

In other news, we took the baby to get his check up today. Never fear, the happy buddha baby is in perfect health. His development is "perfect". His growth is "perfect."
As in, he now weighs 19.6 lbs, and is 27.5 inches long.

This is after being born at 6.11 lbs, and 22.5 inches long. 7 months, and he's HUGE.

It could be worse, I suppose. He could be obese. Because according to some insurance companies, babies who gain weight too fast are obese. I KID YOU NOT. Jeesh. As if we don't have enough trouble in the world, now we need insurance companies saying whether a baby grows too fast!

Reality check, anyone?

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